About Us

AAF&G has been a part of the Annapolis community since 1935 and has been located in the Saint Margarets area since 1939.  In that time, we have cultivated our grounds and ranges, membership, and community relationships by providing facilities, education, and training to people interested in firearms safety, hunting, and recreational shooting sports.

The purposes and objectives of the Association are:

(a) To promote and project a positive image of private individual firearms ownership through the safe and responsible conduct of shooting on all ranges and through programs, courses, leagues, tournaments, and other activities, sanctioned and/or sponsored by this Association that would promote and project such a positive image.
(b) The conservation of the natural resources of our Nation.
(c) The sponsoring and support of legislation which furthers the purposes and objectives of this organization and opposing that which is adverse to those purposes and objectives.
(d) To promote the impartial enforcement of game laws.
(e) To encourage means to preserve or increase the supply of game fish by stocking, elimination of pollution and the application of modern, scientifically tested methods to the improvement of woods, land, and water areas of the state.
(f) To engage in all types of social activities having any connection whatsoever with the maintenance and operation of the Association or which will financially or otherwise further these objectives.
(g) To promote and encourage friendly relations between land owners, farmers, and sportsmen.
(h) To encourage and  influence, by personal conduct and joint effort, a public regard for game and fish protection and conservation.
(i) To make contracts, buy, sell, and own property, and do everything necessary to carry on or accomplish the foregoing purposes.

Grounds and Ranges

AAF&G has eight ranges, including Archery, Action Pistol, Bullseye, Plinking, Small Bore Rifle, High-Power Rifle, and Trap.


Our membership is diverse.  We are your neighbors – teachers, students, Federal, State, county, and local law enforcement, firefighters, homemakers, active and retired military, insurance agents, Federal employees, accountants, politicians, engineers, writers, doctors, attorneys, and tradesmen.

New Member Application

Community Relationships

Through our training and education courses, we have established enduring relationships in the community, including: 

  • Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
    • We provide Firearms Safety and Hunter Education training through our DNR-approved Hunter Safety Program that permits Marylanders to obtain the certification necessary to obtain hunting licenses
    • We provide shooting tests for Maryland hunters and issue qualifying hunters DNR Shooter Qualification Cards necessary for hunting on managed deer hunts in Maryland
  • Boy Scouts of America
    • Local troops use AAF&G facilities to camp and earn merit badges
  • National Rifle Association (NRA)-Sponsored Courses
    • Women on Target
    • Refuse to Be A Victim
    • Home Firearm Safety & Basic Pistol
    • Personal Protection in the Home
    • Range Safety Officer
    • Instructor for Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, and other NRA-sponsored courses
  • Anne Arundel County Friends of the NRA Dinner/Auction
    • AAF&G is a major sponsor and contributor to this annual event with proceeds returned to the community in support firearms education and training
  • AAF&G Junior Rifle Program
    • We coach and train local youth in developing marksmanship skills and competitive rifle shooting with many of our competitors winning honors at the national level
  • International Defensive Pistol Association
    • We conduct Range Safety Officer training

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