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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Anne Arundel Fish and Game have any public-sight in days?
A. No. But AAF&G conducts Maryland DNR Shooter Qualification sessions prior to deer season. While these Shooter Qualification sessions are available to non-members, they are not public sight in days per se. Rather, it is expected that shooters who are qualifying for the MD DNR Shooter Qualification Card will have their shotguns and muzzleloaders already sighted in so as to expedite the qualification process.

Q. Are you open to the public and what’s the cost?
A. AAF&G is a private membership shooting association and as such is not open to the public and does not have public shooting hours. There are, however, shooting competitions held in which non-members are allowed to participate. Many of these competitions are announced in the AAF&G Website ( and in the Association's newsletter, the SCORE, which can also be found on the website.

Q. I’m thinking of joining but want to set up an appointment so I can see the ranges first. How do I do that?
A. AAF&G doesn’t routinely set up appointments to view the ranges. AAF&G is a volunteer run association and we cannot predict the availability of members to meet with a prospective member. Attendance at any of the matches held here (see question above) would provide an opportunity to see the premises.

Q. I’m new to the area and don’t know any members, so how do I find a sponsor?
A. The best way to get a sponsor at AAF&G is to participate in matches and get to know the other members. Another way would be to attend some of the firearms training classes held at AAF&G. Either way, This will allow you to get to know some of the members, giving them the opportunity to get to know you so they feel comfortable sponsoring you while affording you the opportunity to see if this is a club you want to belong to.

Q. I don’t know any members but I really want to join AAF&G. Can I send in my application and fees and find a sponsor later?
A. No. The sponsor has to sign the application. Find a sponsor first and then send in the application.

Q. Your membership fees are pretty high. I can join other clubs like the Maryland Rifle Club for a lot less.
A. Yes, it’s true, you can join other clubs like the Maryland Rifle Club for much less. But we have a shooting range and they don’t.

Q. My buddy is a member of the Maryland Rifle Club and he shoots up at the Marriottsville range.
A. For the privilege of shooting at the Marriottsville range your buddy has to (1) be a member of an Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore affiliated club (like the Md Rifle Club) and (2) pay $150 for the annual range badge. He neglected to tell you about the cost of the range badge, didn’t he?

Q. I’d like to arrange to rent your range for an event. What are your charges?
A. AAF&G is a private association and the ranges are not available for use by non-members unless they are guests of a member or are participating in an event at which non-members may also participate. Hence, our range is not for rent.

Q. I’d like to give my son/husband/boyfriend a membership in your shooting range for his birthday. How do I do this and how much would it cost?
A. You can’t. AAF&G is not a public range; rather, we are a private membership shooting association and, except for scheduled competitions and matches, the ranges are not available to members of the public unless they are the guest of a member. Applying for membership in AAF&G is a process which cannot be accomplished simply by writing a check. Go to the membership page of our website for details on the process and all the requirements like finding a sponsor.

Q. I only need a place to sight in my slug gun before deer season once a year. Do you know where can I go to sight in?
A. There is a public shooting range with multiple 100 yard firing points operated by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources about 5 miles west of La Plata off MD Rte 225. The range is located at the Myrtle Grove Wildlife Management Area and there is an annual permit required.
Myrtle Grove Wildlife Management Area
5625 Myrtle Grove Rd.
LaPlata, MD 20646
Phone: 301-743-5161
Permit required. Shooters must supply all target equipment. Call for more information.

You can obtain additional information by:

  • Writing to: AAFG, PO Box 150, Arnold MD 21012
  • Submitting the form below:

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