The Rimfire Action Shoot is an Action Shooting Sport held here at AAF&G, on our Action Pistol Range.  Action Shooting Sports are shooting matches where the shooter and/or the targets move, or where multiple targets are fired at from the same firing point, often at different ranges.  All of the targets are steel plates of various shapes and sizes and are shot at relatively close ranges.  Both rifles and handguns are used.

The Rimfire Action Shoots are held on the 4th Sunday each month from March thru December.  They are not held in January and February.  They are conducted in a match-type format, however the atmosphere is friendly and more laid back than most formal shooting matches. 

The Match is shot in 2 parts

Rimfire Challenge
This part is where the rifle and pistol are fired separately at an array of 6 targets in any order, except the last shot must be fired at a red target called the stop plate.  The same target array is fired at with both guns.  The firing line is closer for the pistol and then moved back for the rifle portion.  The shooter has 10 shots to hit the 6 targets and shoots 3 times with the pistol and 3 times with the rifle for a total of up to 60 shots.  The shooter is timed for each of these segments and the slowest pistol and rifle time are discarded in calculating the final score.

This part is where the rifle is fired, benched, and then the pistol is fired from the same firing line.  This part has an array of targets that must be fired at in a specified order, with a separate array of rifle targets and pistol targets.  The shooter runs through this part 3 times, (stages), with the specified order to shoot the targets changed for each stage.  This part of the match is also 60 shots.  Each stage is timed separately.

To shoot the match, you will need the following:
A repeating rifle with a 10-shot capacity, any action type
A semi-auto pistol with at least 2 10-shot magazines
Single or double action revolvers, you will need 2 revolvers, (or only 1 revolver if it has a 10-shot cylinder)

Rifles and pistols may have any type of sights, open iron, electronic dot, Laser or optical.
No magnums permitted.
Match fee is $5.00.

You also need to bring eye and hearing protection and should bring at least 150 rounds of ammo.  No holsters or any other special equipment is needed.  If you have ever wanted to try Action Shooting, this is the ideal opportunity to do so.

We set up for the Match at around 9:15; Registration is at 10:15; Safety briefing at 10:45 and the Match starts at 11:00.

In addition to our Matches, we hold Rimfire Action Shooting Clinics from time to time, for those who would like some instruction prior to shooting in one of the Matches.  These clinics are limited to 20 people and information is posted in the Score and around the club when they are scheduled to be held.

Rimfire Shoot Results:


January 26
February 23
March 23
April 13
May 25
June 8


January 27
February 24
March 24
April 28
May 26
June 23
July 28
August 25
September 29
October 27
November 24
December 29


October (canceled)


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