The First Four Rules of Gun Safety:

  1. The gun is always loaded.
  2. Never point a gun at something you are not prepared to destroy.
  3. Always be sure of your target and what is behind it.
  4. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.

MD State Shooter qualification Sessions:

Shotgun, Muzzleloader, Archery -
Open to the Public; Club Sanctioned Event; No preregistration required.
  • Requirements
    • Shotgun: 3 out of 5 shots in a 9-inch circle at 40 yards
    • Muzzleloader: 2 out of 3 shots in a 9-inch circle at 40 yards
    • Bow: 3 out of 5 in vitals of a 3D deer and unmarked distances under 30 yards.
      • Bow qualifications will be conducted on noted firearms qualification days but on the AAF&G Archery Range


  • AAF&G appointed Range Safety Officers (RSOs) represent the Officers and Directors of AAF&G on Club Property
    in enforcing the Range Use and Safety Rules. Their decisions and directions must be followed at that time.
    Willful violation of the Club Rules or failure to comply with a RSO will result in a review by the Board of Directors, which may lead to the loss of membership and/or visitation privileges.