Archery Range Caution


There is a sizable hornets’ nest growing on the right rear stanchion of the Archery Range. Until it is neutralized and removed, members are cautioned to steer clear of the nest, which is between 48 and 60 inches above the ground and about the size of a large grapefruit.

The hornets (they appear to be bald-faced hornets) can be seen entering and leaving the nest.  It is suggested that members not approach the nest too closely—you’ll know if you do—since these hornets will actively attack what they perceive as interlopers—i.e., you.

The nest will be neutralized and rendered safe at some point; until such time, however, members are advised to exercise an abundance of caution if using the archery range, especially if subject to allergic reactions to insect stings. 

Author: Webmaster