Anne Arundel Fish and Game Conservation Association (AAF&G) is a shooting sports club located in Annapolis, Maryland. The club facilities include a covered 16-point bullseye pistol range, an action pistol range, a casual plinking range, a covered 6-point 100 yard rifle range, a covered 12-point small-bore rifle range, 2 Trap fields, and an Archery range. As a private membership club the ranges are open only to members and their guests, but AAF&G holds various shooting competitions and offers courses in firearms safety, NRA junior rifle, personal protection, and hunter safety in which non-members may participate. Prospective members should read the membership requirements and application process under "Membership".

Disclaimer: AAF&G is a member operated association and almost everything done is done by volunteers. AAF&G tries to keep information contained on this website as current as possible, however, this is not always possible. Additionally, outdated and superceded webpages or webpage-derived information may be archived or cached on systems beyond the control of AAF&G. Before expending time, money or efforts to attend events or activities listed on this website, it is always best to contact the appropriate responsible parties to confirm the accuracy of the information.

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