From the humble beginnings of a cleared out area with with only a single target, AAF&G’s archery facilities have grown to include a full-blown practice range with a large 8’×16′ elevated platform and a small selection of 3D targets.

The practice range includes:

  • Marked shooting distances out to 60 yards.
  • An large 13′ high elevated shooting platform.
  • A large 4’× 8′ backstop.
  • Several 3D targets.
  • Two 3’×3′ “monster bag” targets, one portable.
  • Two broadhead targets.
  • Several “kick” targets.
  • Bow racks.
  • Work table.
  • Picnic bench.

All types of bows, including crossbows, are permitted on the range. Range hours are unrestricted and use of the range is free to AAF&G members and their guests. When using the range, please remember that broadhead arrows are only permitted on designated targets.