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AAF&G welcomes new members to the Association. Any person 18 years of age or over, who is not legally restricted from firearms ownership for reasons other than age, is of good character, and who subscribes to the objectives of The Association without reservation, shall be eligible for consideration. All new members shall, as a condition of membership or renewal, be a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA).


All applicants must be sponsored by a current AAF&G member in good standing. If you do not have an AAF&G member to sponsor you, you should try to cultivate one by participating in public shooting activities at which non-members are welcome to participate. Please note that all AAF&G members are strongly encouraged to shoot with any potential applicants before agreeing to sponsor them. See the club Calendar and the various pages under the Facilities tab in the menu above for a list of public events and contact information for our Range Committee chairmen.

Application Procedure

Once you have identified a sponsor, the process for application is as follows.

AAF&G New Member Application (MS Word) Download

AAF&G New Member Application (PDF) Download

  1. Application: Download and print the Membership Application linked above—note that this is a multi-page document—and fill it out completely. Incomplete applications, including those failing to identify a valid sponsor and those without appropriate signatures (applicant, sponsor, and witness) will not be accepted.
  2. Submission and Fee: Send the completed application, along with a nonrefundable $200 Application Fee (check or money order only; no cash), to:
        AAF&G Secretary, Attn: I&I Subcommittee
        PO Box 150
        Arnold, MD 21012
  3. Interview: Applicants will be contacted by email and requested to appear along with the sponsoring AAF&G member for a personal interview with members of the Membership Committee’s Interview and Inquiry (I&I) Subcommittee. Applicants will be contacted in the order the applications are received and will be offered the option of a week night or a weekend interview. Interviews are expected to take approximately 45 minutes. Depending on I&I Committee member availability for interviews and the number of applications received, there may be a delay in being scheduled for an interview.
  4. Background Check: When the application is received, the applicant’s name will be made known to all current members by posting in the clubhouse and letters of inquiry may be sent to any other shooting organizations listed by the applicant. At the conclusion of the interview, personal information necessary to initiate a criminal history background check will be requested from the applicant.
  5. Review: Once the interview has been completed and the criminal history check results received, the I&I subcommittee will review the substance of the interview, the results of the criminal history check, any responses from other organizations, and any input from current AAF&G members; and will then make a determination as to whether or not to recommend to the Board of Directors acceptance of the applicant as a Provisional Member or to recommend non-acceptance.
  6. Recommendation to Board of Directors: The applicant’s name will then be forwarded to the Board of Directors with the recommendation of the I&I subcommittee and the Board will then vote at the next Board meeting whether or not to forward the applicant’s name to the General Membership with a recommendation for acceptance as a Provisional Member.
  7. Recommendation to Membership:  The General Membership will be presented at the next General Membership meeting with the applicant names forwarded by the Board of Directors with a recommendation for acceptance as Provisional Members. The members present will then be afforded the opportunity to vote for acceptance or non-acceptance of each applicant as a Provisional Member.
  8. Orientation: If accepted as a provisional member, you will be contacted by a representative of the Membership Committee and so informed, and provided with the schedule for the mandatory Orientation and Safety Walk-through. New Provisional Members will not be issued a membership card, gate access card, or combination to the clubhouse door until the Orientation and Safety Walkthrough is successfully completed. A $25 deposit is required prior to issue and activation of the gate access card.
  9. Dues and Assessments: Once accepted into membership, the new Provisional Member must pay the annual membership fee and any Capital Assessment in force at the time upon conclusion of the Orientation and Safety Walkthrough. If joining in any month after January, the dues and any capital assessment will be prorated (for the first year) at 1/12 of the annual membership fee and capital assessment times the number of full months remaining in the first year. Members of the immediate family (over 18 and living in the same household) may join as family members for 25% of the individual annual membership fee per year with no Capital Assessment (each family member must also fill out a separate application and go through the same interview process as the primary member). The Family member fee is also prorated at 1/12 of the annual membership fee times the number of full months remaining in the first year. The current dues & fee schedule can be found in the chart at the bottom of this page.
  10. Provisional Membership:  Provisional Members may shoot on AAF&G ranges only when accompanied by a Full Member (Individual or Family) who is present to act as a mentor. Provisional Members are also required to complete four activities, referred to as the “Quadrathlon.”
    • The Provisional Member will attend a mandatory basic safety class known as “Gun School.” This is a no-cost class no longer than 4 hours, held on-site at AAF&G, intended to provide all new members with a common baseline of firearms knowledge and safety education, regardless of prior background and shooting experience.
    • The Provisional Member will participate in a shooting match or live fire training activity in each of the three primary disciplines: shotgun, rifle, handgun. Shooting matches or live fire training activities in each of these disciplines are held at least monthly and often weekly—see Calendar for a list of events. Provisional Members who do not have the appropriate equipment for participation in a particular match can usually arrange for a gun and accessories to be loaned to them for use during the match or training activity, though they will still be expected to provide any ammunition required.
  11. Full Membership: Upon completing the “Quadrathlon” requirements, and no sooner than six months from the date of Orientation, the Provisional Member may petition the Board of Directors to convert the Provisional Membership to a Full Individual or Family Annual membership. The petition form must be favorably endorsed by three (3) current Individual, Family, or Life Members in good standing. The Board will review all the pertinent facts and vote to recommend or not recommend approval of the petition to the General Membership. The General Membership will then vote to approve or disapprove the petition.
Join NRA or renew your membership through AAF&G and save up to $25!
Join NRA or renew your membership through AAF&G and save up to $25!


AAF&G New Member Application (MS Word) Download

AAF&G New Member Application (PDF) Download

Membership Fee Schedule

Membership CategoryApplication
First Year
Pro-Rated Dues
& Assessment
Individual Membership$200$300n/a$25.00/mo
Family Membership
(18+ years living with Primary Member)
Student MembershipWaived$150n/a$12.50/mo