Knife & Axe Throwing

AAF&G now has a Knife and AxeThrowing range, located along the “King Kong” wall at the back of the old Trap 1 field. Details about range usage and allowed knives and axes can be found in the current Range Rules. All General Range rules, of course, also apply to the throwing range. The throwing range is open during daylight hours to all Members and their supervised guests. Members must provide their own knives and axes.

The end-grain target is for knife throwing and the board target is for axe throwing. This distinction is important for maximizing the life of the targets. The pictures below show the layout of the targets, as well as the position of the range flag and its holder at the sidewalk leading up from the parking lot. The axe target includes scoring rings, but Members may also post their own paper targets over the board. Paper targets must be removed after use.

AAF&G is not affiliated with either the World Knife Throwing League (WKTL) or the World Axe Throwing League (WATL), but their rules provide a good resource for anybody looking to get started.

Knife & Axe Throwing at AAF&G