Very, Very Vintage Rifle Matches (Muzzle-Loader)

These matches are generally held on Sanctioned Weekends. Please check the Calendar for specific match announcements.

All muzzle-loading long-guns—regardless of design (inline, traditional side-hammer, etc.), ignition system (matchlock, wheel-lock, flintlock, percussion cap, 209 primers, etc.) , or sighting system—are eligible for these matches.

Targets and courses of fire may vary, but a typical match is shot in two 5-round strings at 50-yard targets (SR-1 or similar with approximately 6-inch aiming block). Shooters may either fire standing off-hand at the standard target or from the bench at a handicap target (same aiming block but smaller scoring rings).

Upcoming Muzzle-Loader Events

There are no upcoming events.