Project Appleseed

AAF&G proudly host events by Project Appleseed every month, year round. These events combine 3 position rifle marksmanship with the history of the 1st day of the American Revolution…a truly unique endeavor!

Students can expect to fire hundreds of rounds over a weekend, as this is truly a hands on event! Students range from first-time shooters to highly experienced professionals, and everyone in between, all trying to earn the highly coveted “Rifleman” designation!

AAF&G has hosted Project Appleseed since 2009 and is a proud Designated Appleseed Range. You can sign up for any of our events at the Go Appleseed Now website. Loaner rifles and gear are available, if needed.

For more information, visit Project Appleseed website or contact

Project Appleseed
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Upcoming Appleseed Events

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