Action Pistol Observation and Safety Briefing

New IDPA and USPSA action pistol shooters at AAF&G are required to attend an Observation and Safety Briefing before being approved to register for matches.  Registration and additional information are available on PractiScore; look on the Club page for “Action Pistol Observation and Safety Briefing” events.

Class is in on the range 9am–10:30am, in the clubhouse 10:30am–11:30am, and back on the range after that.

If you are already classified in IDPA (Marksman or higher) or USPSA (D-class or higher), or if you are a sworn Law Enforcement or active duty military, let the Match Director know when you register for your first match, and you will be given an abbreviated briefing on the day of the match rather than being required to attend the full Observation and Safety briefing.