Range Improvements

While it has been a tough few weeks staying away from the range, there have been a number of improvement projects going on, based on this year’s Capital Projects budget, that we can all look forward to when things start getting back to normal.

The big project this year is the complete overhaul of the Action Pistol range. The backstop has been regraded and stabilized to eliminate erosion and runoff, the bay surface has been has been repaired, and a lot of old infrastructure was demolished. Th refurbishment will be completed with new conex storage containers and carport-type shelters to be installed in the near future

As the Small Bore range was in need of some attention, as well, Junior Programs worked with Buildings and Grounds to have one of the old sheds coming off of Action Pistol repurposed for their needs.

In the meanwhile, the Precision Pistol range has received a very nice new stone apron to resurface the area in front of the firing line.

Lastly, while it does not lend itself to any nice pictures, we’ve been working on extending WiFi coverage to all the ranges. An e-mail will be sent out to members with all the details when it is up and running.

Thanks for your patience, and we look forward to seeing you all out on the range again just as soon as possible!

Author: AAF&G Webmaster