2021 Club Championship Match

The Meg & Ernie Clarke Club Championship Match will take place during the Annual Bull Roast on Sunday, 10 October (part of a Sanctioned Weekend). All Members are invited to compete for bragging rights (of course!) and the Club Champion will get next year’s membership dues comped!

There will be six events: Precision Pistol, Cowboy Action, Action Pistol, Archery, Doubles Trap, and Rimfire Rifle. The cost for the match will be $5. Registration opens in the Clubhouse at 9:30AM and closes at noon. Shooting will take place from 10AM until 1PM. It is the competitor’s responsibility to finish by 1PM, because the match staff will start closing things down at that time (so they have time to enjoy the Bull Roast, too).

Guns and ammunition are provided on every stage, but competitors can provide their own, as well. Remember, if you shoot your own gun, you also need to bring your own ammo! Staff at each stage will determine if your equipment is allowed for the course of fire. Provisional Members can get “Quadrathlon” event sign-offs by competing in the match.

Precision Pistol: 25 yards, 15 rounds of .22LR. Irons or unmagnified optics allowed.

Cowboy Action: 5 rounds of single-action revolver (any legal cowboy round); 5 rounds of lever-action rifle (.22LR provided, but any legal cowboy centerfire round allowed as well); 2 rounds of shotgun (20ga provided).

Action Pistol: 10 rounds. A 9mm, iron-sight, autoloading pistol will be provided. Any IDPA or USPSA legal iron-sight pistol (auto or revolver) and appropriate ammo are allowed; minimum 2 magazines/loaders required.

Archery: A 30lb compound bow will be provided.

Doubles Trap: 10 rounds (5 pairs). Loaner shotguns in 12ga are available. Any shotgun/ammo allowed by the Range Rules may be used.

Rimfire Rifle: Competitors will use provided equipment/ammo only.

If you have any questions about the match, please e-mail championship(at)aafg(dot)org.

Author: AAF&G Webmaster